Top 6 Tips for Packing

Moving every year is pretty normal, right sis? WRONG, but on average 68% of young adults ages 20-30 move once every year and a half. This actually makes sense though.

Rent goes up $20 or more, MOVE.

Move in with “bae”, MOVE.

New job, MOVE.

Get a raise, MOVE.

Well whether you move once a year, or every ten years, here are some tips for packing up all that stuff you thought you needed. Isn’t that funny, when you’re shopping you need that new bag so much until you’re moving. Then it’s ehhh maybe I should sell this.


1. Start Right Away ( you don’t wanna wait on this one, sis)

This is the biggest tip I can give you right here, start right away! You may be surprised by how much you can accomplish by starting to pack right away. This will help take stress off your shoulders as well, which would not be the case if you kept pushing off packing. I mean even if you’re moving in your dream castle, it’s never like running through fields of bluebonnets, right? Now, things that I used on a daily basis were kept out and packed up the day before or of moving, but everything else, gots ta go!


2. Get Supplies (duh, Lo!)

You can’t pack anything away without boxes, so getting these early on is a must. I recommend getting different size boxes as well to make sure that you can pack everything away without making any boxes too heavy to lift.

Tea Time:

Working in retail, FOR YEARS, I learned that we threw out so many boxes, it was really sad. Sooo… if you know anyone that works in retail, hit them up and ask for those boxes! Anyway to save a coin, right?

Bubble wrap is another great packing supply to have on hand (also can get from your home girl at the mall). It is perfect for pictures and decorations around the house, as well as anything else that may be breakable during the move. I also recommend using packing foam sheets for in between dishes. You can use newspaper as well, but I prefer the packing foam as it gives it more cushion and protection. Don’t forget about tape! You will probably need more of this than you first anticipated in order to securely tape up all of your boxes. TIP: If you run out of newspaper as a filler when packing (or you don’t get the newspaper anymore), magazines are a perfect substitute. I didn’t know how many magazines I had until I realized I had no newspaper for packing.


3. Make Piles ( or in my case junk piles)

When first starting to pack you are going to have to go through everything you own and make three piles. Keep, sell/donate, and trash . Anything that is in good condition and that you have not used for years, donate. Taking these things to your nearest donation center will free up the space you have for packing, decrease the number of boxes and packing supplies you need to buy, and of course, decrease the number of things you don’t actually use taking up space in your new home. You also can take other items you don’t want to second hand clothing stores like Platos Closet. If you’re looking for a “re-up”, this is not your place, but if you are looking to get rid of some things and make a few dollars or grab a few things you really need, then this it! They even have Once Upon A Child for kids! Throw away anything that is broken, cannot be donated, and is clearly garbage. This is your time to purge all of the things that you saved for some reason or another, but now looking back you have no idea why. Everything else that was not donated or thrown in the garbage gets packed away. The donate and garbage piles usually come in waves. I would get about five bags for each, do one big trip getting rid of everything, and then start those piles over again. This really helped me be able to actually see how much I had left to sort through and pack.


4. Pack by Room (very important with little ones)

When packing, I recommend boxing everything up by room and keeping those boxes in that area together. This way when the boxes are being loaded into the moving truck, they are most likely going to be close to each other. Which means that when unloading the moving truck at your new house, you will be able to unload all of the kitchen boxes and then all of the bathroom boxes. This helps keep everything organized and run smoother, than if you had to unload every other box into a different room in the house.


5. Pack Smart (do you really need that Armani skirt from 10 years ago, sis?)

What I mean by “pack smart” is, utilize the storage areas you already have but may not be thinking of. First off sis, don’t unpack dresser drawers or ottomans into boxes. These are two examples of perfect storage areas to take advantage of. When packing clothing (whether is it in your dresser drawers or other items that don’t fit) I recommend rolling items that are thin and more flexible in nature (ie. Shirts, sweatpants, tank tops, dresses, etc.) and fold items that are stiff and thick in nature (ie. jeans, jackets, etc.). This tip can be used even when just packing for a vacation. You will be able to fit so much more clothing into your suitcase than you thought was even possible!


6. Label Boxes ( now this part is fun!)

Make sure you are labeling your boxes. Even when packing by room, labeling will help when unloading everything at your new home. For good measure, I recommend labeling the top of the box and two different sides. You can be as detailed as you want to depend on how fast you will be able to unpack everything. If you know you are going to want your teapot

for boiling Fabuloso

when you get to where you’re going; you’ll most likely want to label that box “Kitchen” and also “Teapot” to make sure you have access right away.

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