Business: Why Blogging?

T he Life of Jo Jo was created for the creative dreamer and doer, the creative boss mama, the passionate and ambitious woman who fearlessly chases after her creative entrepreneurial dreams or who has finally decided to. The woman who wants to live life on her own terms by working for herself while travelling the world. The woman who wants to leave her 9-5 non-creative and creative soul draining cubicle life to live the creative life creating things that will inspire others and actually make a profitable living for herself and her babies. And the woman who only wants to do what makes her happy.

The Life of Jo Jo is all about empowering and motivating women to fearlessly pursue their passion for creativity and create the life they deserve: being a creative boss mama, doing creative things that make a living, and living the freedom lifestyle. This is a little space on the web where all of us creative ladies can go to feel inspired and motivated to keep going with our creative business.

The Life of Jo Jo also provides easy-to-understand small business, parenting, and DIY tips for the modern day super mama.

The Life of Jo Jo is lastly a lifestyle and travel blog that provides reads for the everyday busy super woman.

So, if you are “that chick”. That chick that loves life, creating greatness, and/or building an empire to pass along to your off springs, join us every Wednesday for good reads, fun, and of course business.

In the written words from Gabrielle Union,

We’re Gonna Need Some More Wine”

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