Business: Investing in Yourself: 7 Tips for Living Your Best Productive Life

I n a world where “living your best life” is essential, living a realist and productive life, is equally important, right? Being productive can sometimes be very tricky, especially when you’re juggling what seems like 20 billion things, but I think this list can help you find your balance for your life.

1| Pray and Meditate

Regardless of whom you’re actually praying to, prayer and meditation is a MUST. Over the past 6 months or so, I have been meditating every day for at least two minutes.


Yup, that’s it! It’s all about putting my phone down, taking my watch off, and trying as hard as I can to clear my mind, completely.

Did you know you can buy meditation songs on iTunes like you do any other song? Yes, ma’am! AND you can also download awesome apps like Insight Timer to meditate and connect with others in your area!

2|Keep a Notebook

For as long as I can remember,  I’ve LOVED writing. I’ve always needed a notebook, close-up-data-flatlay-1018133calendar, and sticky notes to feel like I’m actually working, and being productive. I am consistently writing things down either in my notes on my phone or in my note book. I remember watching Being Mary Jane for the first time, and seeing her take sticky notes with sayings and placing them all over her bedroom. This gave me so much life!! **Side Note: Now, can you imagine how my room looks?

3|Read, Listen, Read

Can I keep it real? Reading was never something I really enjoyed doing. I mean I did, but biographies, architectural design books, and the Guinness Books of World Records were usually my speed. But now, honnney I am always on the hunt to find a new book to read. And with the Audible book app, and other apps like it, you can take your books anywhere and listen to them! I usually enjoy listening when I’m doing something monotonous that I’m not interested in like sitting in traffic.  It helps take my mind off the day to day commute and other foolery.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
― Frederick Douglass

4| Make your goals visible!

Whether you’re like Mary Jane and I, or you are more of a vision board type of gal, writing your goals down and where you can see them every day is very important. Its a daily reminder of what you’re working towards and where yo are in the process. I have even randomly placed sticky notes around my office at work with little sayingspexels-photo-669986to remind me of what I want in life!

5|Make small changes

Sis, all progress is good progress! Have you ever heard someone say “progress is bad”? Obviously, every situation is different, but as a mother and one day wife, I’d much rather you tell me you did something rather than absolutely nothing. If you want to be a lawyer, and you go out to buy a book about taking the BAR exams, that’s progress in my book! And the whole idea is to keep the momentum going. If you accomplish one small change each day, then pretty soon, you’ll have crossed off the whole goal. I’m sure of it!

6| Find your outlet

So, this was a biggie for me. I love life, and love to do a lot of things; so trying to find just a few things that I deeply enjoy doing, to get my mind off things was pretty hard. But baaaaaby, when pexels-photo-1047535I’m home, with my glass of White Zin (yes, the cheap red wine!-introduce me to other wine then, sis!) listening to some Sade, Erykah, or Jill, and painting my life away; that’s where my heaven on earth is. What is your outlet?

7|Disconnect when needed

pexels-photo-261577Even a hardworking woman like you needs to disconnect. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN (talking to myself too!) and just chill. My favorite way to disconnect, is to put my phone on airplane mode, get in my car, and cruise around the city. Even if I have no destination! Hop on your favorite highway, turn the radio up, and let the wind catch your curls.

I hope these tips helped you sis, because they sure does help me.

Enjoy life love.



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  1. Lauren this was awesome I’m so proud of you keep up the great work & please know you have helped me today with spiration & words of encouragement.