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Austin! The land of the truly free and the home of the weird! Well at least that’s what they call themselves. My bestie and I decided to take a last-minute trip to Austin for the weekend, and oh did we have fun. Join us! I am going to walk you through our awesome “Top 5 activities to do while in Austin”.


|Comal River Tubing|

When I first thought of tubing, I had this weird feeling that this would be like white water rafting… And that’s exactly what it was like at times! When you first get it, it seems very exciting, family oriented, and soothing, but mamas, once you’re in YOU’RE in! Twenty feet deep water, hundreds of tubes and practically no way out. But honestly, it was AMAZING! The scenery in New Braunfels was so dreamy. There are historic houses, beautiful people, and even a few furry friends along the way.

|Hut’s Hamburgers|

Wanna a big juicy burger? This restaurant was named one of the top burger joints of the city, and boy it’s right at the top! First of all, it’s REAL BEEF, good juicy fall off the bun beef. And you wanna know what was even better? The chili cheese fries. Honey let me tell you, we saw the table next to us order these fries and within two seconds we flagged our waiter down and insisted on getting these fries. And ma’am I’ll have you know they tasted so much better than they looked. And you wanna you the best part? It was $35 for two people, right up our cheap lil’ alley! All they need is a bar with margaritas and mojitos and this would be the ULTIMATE spot.

|Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center|

Now this next stop is for all my adventurous followers who don’t mind getting a little sweaty… ok well really sweaty by the end.  Whether you are in shape or not you will be really really sweaty (between going down hill or this great Texas heat). But you get to see an amazing cave though! And a beautiful waterfall! Now if you’ve heard of Hamilton Pools, this is basically the same thing, just smaller and a lot more intimate, also don’t have a waiting list booked up for the next few months. A short 45-minute hike down to the cave and waterfall was well worth the 60-minute hike back up. The Watson family, who purchased the 25 acres in 1973 has done an amazing job keeping the grounds beautiful. We heard stories that years ago before they bought the land, hippies would camp on the grounds and completely trash it. In 1974 John Ahrns was hired to preserve the land, he had to carry more than 100 bags of trash uphill to start the preservation process. Once this was finished he created a trail that was one way in and one way out to help manage visitors to newly restored grounds.

|Westcave Cellars Winery|

Now this really made our trip. We are big “winos”, so going to our first winery was truly epic! It was everything you would imagine! The first thing that truly help set the tone was their dramatic pebble drive way. Then, there are rows and rows of… yup you guessed it, vineyards!! It felt like a movie, like I’d been there before, it felt romantic. In that moment, my bestie and I vowed to come back only with our guys. You must experience that with your man… At least once right? The wine tasting, the cheese, the picnic, and sunlight…everything was there to set the atmosphere for the perfect date.

They educated us on the entire wine making process and history of wine. Did you know that Texas is #5 in wine production? And that New York is one of the other 4 states in the top 5? I would have never guessed! We also were invited to come back next month for a “grape stomping” party, which we are already packed for! If you ever are in the Austin area, please stop by! The owners are so sweet, and they actually stay on property about 8 months out of the year! From our wine tasting we were amazed to find out that we like sweet red wines!

|The Graffiti Wall|

Now this last place could be hit or miss for you, but I believe that most of you, like me would definitely think it this is a major HIT! This graffiti wall is magical. Imagine millions of artists coming to this wall every day to leave their mark in Austin. For just $5, Grafiti Wallyou can buy a bottle of spray paint and spray anything you want on this wall. Just make sure you don’t spray over some of the “big” artists that “live” there because they will rip you apart alive. Other than that, you’re good! 🙂

Have you been to Austin? If so, comment your favorite thing to do!

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