Motherhood: Inexpensive Outdoor Summer Activities

It’s been a long summer, right?! And a hot one at that! Are you tired of doing the same things every weekend with your kids? Well I have a few inexpensive (because you know I’m cheap frugal) and fun ideas that could be fun you and your children!


Host a Book Club

Reading is something that should not stop over the summers, but who said it has to be those boring textbooks?! It should be fun and entertaining! You IMG_3847_previewcan even go to a park nearby and read together! Or, if you have a mini toddler like me, take this time to read books to them in a different setting. Reading is fundamental, so to me, it doesn’t necessarily matter what you are reading as long as everyone is doing so.


Play with Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? In fact, when Riley first started talking (and got past the “mama and dada” stage), she would randomly say “bubbles”. I don’t know if it was just fun to say or if she just really enjoyed playing with bubbles. Probably both. And in this day in age, bubbles are fancy. They have machines, and tools to makes shapes; its freakin’ awesome!bubble


Do Yoga/Go Exercise

Now, those of you that know me know that I am NOT by any means a physical trainer, and although I do work out about 4 times a week, I still love food. Especially shrimp tacos. But you know, taking my mini to the park and stretching, walking or simply kicking a ball around was actually really fun! Annnnd the best part is, I was able to track my steps on my watch. #10KStepsADayClub


Have a Tea Party

So, this was also surprisingly fun! I bought Ry this tea set from the dollar store and decided we should take it outside to have it with refreshments. So, water, chips, and carrots it is! And as you can tell, she had a blast drinking the water from a tea cup. I would never IMG_3901_previewin a million years think a one year old could drink water, so fast! And this is coming from someone who ONLY drinks water. #BiggerSippyCup

What are some cool outdoor ideas you’ve done with your kids?



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  1. Such fun and simple activities. Love it. I take my little one to paddling pools as it’s free and we are lucky to leave nearby but I never thought about the reading part. Amazing. We always read at home but will definitely do it out and about now.
    Love your pictures and your little one is adorable