Motherhood: Our First Year Without Buying Diapers

Of all the advice my mother gave me while pregnant, for some reason, one of the many things that REAAAAALLY stuck with me was START BUYING DIAPERS NOW! How will you know exactly how many your baby will use? What size should you get? What if they outgrow them? What brand will be the best for your baby? These are all questions that I had to learn… the hard way, but I am hoping to help you out so you won’t have to take the same road I did!


I think as first time moms, we under estimate how many diapers a baby will use; although every baby is different your baby will still need diapers for at least two years.

Ok that’s obvious right?!

There are a few variables that go into how many diapers your baby will actually use like:

  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Age when born (Preterm/Term)
  • Breastfeed or Formula

In response to my mother’s sound advice, the first thing my boyfriend and I did was to meet at our local grocery or big-box store, and buy a case of diapers every other Friday. This was therapeutic for me; just knowing I was preparing for my little one, and getting in some valuable exercise helped me feel like I was getting a little ahead on my very long to-do list. Pretty soon, we had more diapers than we knew what to do with. And honestly, if you are like me, that weird girl that LOVES to plan ahead for everything, having a diaper stockpile was really exciting (I have a similar feeling with breast milk stockpile)!

Now, choosing the brand depends on preference, and I’m not here to argue which brand is better (Pampers-LOL); I suggest you do your research before buying, AND double check with your hospital to see which brand they use and recommend.

When we bought our first case of diapers, there wasn’t any magical reason for picking out the size that we did; he just grabbed two cases of size 2 diapers and we kept it moving. Then every other week we would get a different size, so it almost felt like a gamble at the time.

If you’re like me, and your doctors are scaring you with the “your baby is getting so big” speech, you will really probably want to start at size 4 or 5; but when you realize you’re being a little dramatic and come back to reality you can grab those smaller sizes since you won’t be giving birth to a toddler!

Fast forward to post pregnancy, when my newborn was easily using 10 diapers a day, and family and friends told me NOT to buy any newborn sizes… My boyfriend is walking into Wal-Mart to exchange a case of our size 1 diapers for… you guessed it… a newborn case.

Then it hit me!  *Epiphany* I should keep track of exactly how many diapers Riley uses! So, since the first week my mini was born, I’ve kept track of how many cases or packages of diapers she’s used, and the chart is below.♥

38136104_10157766388158569_3366926001224286208_n.jpg38125789_10157766388628569_3697712764475670528_n (1).jpg

At first, I thought this process would be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad… AT ALL. In fact, I would actually look forward to finishing a box of diapers, just so I would add that box emoji on my chart!

AND did you know that you can exchange diapers for a different size without the receipt at Wal-Mart!?!?! Now I can only say this specifically about Wal-Mart Stores because I’ve been in three different states when I needed to try this, and it worked. Recently I’ve tried a receipt-less exchange at Target and Kroger, and they either gave me a run-around about not being able to return them or reduced the return price for some odd reason.

Needless to say I was waaaay too excited about this Wal-Mart exchange policy, a few months later when my little one consistently outgrew the diapers in her stockpile. I sometimes saw other women on my motherhood apps, or sales apps (like Offer Up) selling the size that I needed. So on a few occasions, I swapped diapers with these moms. This really came in handy!

Another idea to help you get diapers for your little one, (and also get daddy excited about the birth of baby) is to have a “daddy diaper party”. I’ve even seen people come up with fun names for them too like “Dudes and Diapers”, “Bottoms Up”, and even “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Diapers). Although we only discussed this as an option, and never followed suit, my boyfriend was really excited about the idea of BBQ-ing, drinking beer, watching football, and having your friends bring diapers for your baby.

Tell me about your diapers experiences!





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