Motherhood: Entering into the Pageant World

As a first time mother, I wanted my daughter to be active…to be great! “Start em’ young”, they always say. And since my mother had me in every activity or sport known to mankind, it was in my blood. But the younger they are, the less they can actually be apart of…activity wise that is.

When she was finally able to be apart of her first organized sport…it was pageants. I’d never thought of myself as a pageant mom in the past, but we would always get compliments like,

“She is such a gorgeous little girl. She is a real life doll!”

And since I knew this to be true, I figured we’d take a stab at it.


The pageant process was long and sometimes stressful, so I have a few tips for all of my potential pageant mamas (and dads) to consider before entering into the pageant world.


1. Be true to yourself

So I started doing a little research, but I was really picky with our selection because I wanted to make sure that they weren’t too over the top or too competitive…besides she was only 6 months! We were invited to be apart of the Naturally Beautiful Pageants in Houston and surrounding areas. These pageants were the perfect fit for us because they were based around magnifying children’s natural beauty rather than covering it up. There was absolutely no make-up or flippers allowed. This took a lot of pressure off of the parents, and not having to spend money on those things was a lifesaver. This competition was solely based on natural beauty and personality. We also loved the fact that everyone would get an award for something; best hair, best personality, best smile etc. But in the end, they only crowned one winner from each division.

2. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on wardrobe

Sooo, remember when I told you that the Naturally Beautiful pageants didn’t allow make-up? Well, that almost gave us permission to go completely over the top with the wardrobe. How else were you going to win? Back in the day, your mother would have to sell an arm and a leg to buy that special dress but now there are tons of places to rent, and plus we’re in Texas there are millions of places to find a nice dress. To be honest, we would always find something at our local resale shops!

3. Pageant day is not your own

Leading up to the pageant day, I would highly recommend mentally and physically preparing yourself. Organize outfits, shoes, and accessories, so that big day will be a breeze. It’s rarely ever a breeze though. Lol. Dedicate the entire day to the pageant, because after it’s over, you will be too tired to do anything else. Preparation is key.


4. It’s all fun! Keep the kids in mind!

With any competitive sport, there will be disappointment but it really isn’t the end of the world. In fact, pageants are great because after it’s over they’ll give you critique forms that tell you what you are awesome at and what you can work on for the next pageant. It’s the best thing ever! All in all, these experiences teach our children about themselves and how to communicate with others. It helps them with their self-esteem and to know that they are beautiful inside and out; without any additives.

Are you a pageant parent? How was your experience? What did and didn’t you like about the process?






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