Travel: My 5 Top Secrete Traveling Tips

If you’re reading this post, you should feel honored.

(This is just me being dramatic again, no worries.)

You are about to inherit so much “travel game”, that you won’t know what to do with it!

I hear the haters in the back. “Why does she think she is soo qualified to talk about traveling?”

Well, I’ve only been to 33 U.S. states, and 6 international countries, but while you’re at home watching the “Gossip Girl”, I’m googling flights, hotels, and stalking travel blog.

One of my life aspirations would be to run a full time travel blog.

What is a travel blog you ask? Essentially companies would pay me to travel to different cities and blog about my experiences, in hopes to attract more tourist! Sounds like a dream come true right?

Well it would be. 🙂

But since I still have my “day job” as my mother says, I can just dream and plan some of the most awesome trips ever!

Check out my “Top Travel Secrets” for all of my adventurous followers.

expediaSo my bestie just told me about Expedia, and its not like I hadn’t heard about it or anything, I just didn’t know the deal where this severe. When you are on their home page, it can be kind of intimidating at first, but there are only two words you should look for:


Click that button, and watch you life change!! I’ve researched over a dozens “mock” trips that I would like to take, and they haven’t disappointed yet! They have a deal with hotel and airline companies where if you buy a flight, you save 50% on the hotel, and you don’t want to miss out on those saving now do you?

Do you want to know the best part? YOU CAN MAKE PAYMENTS!

**Drops the mic  phone.**

night travelSisss… On my first BIG international flight, I was soooo happy that it was overnight. It made things so much easier! I got on the plane, they passed out drinks, dinner, and after that, I slept like a baby! I slept like I was in my bed and when I woke up, we were practically there!!

trippin For a lot of travel agents, and travel sources like my new favorite Expedia, it’s always cheaper to travel in groups of two (push for even numbers). Most hotels and hostels have beds in sets of two, so it’s easier to book that way. Perfect example, earlier today I researched the cost on Expedia to go to Thailand for 7 days. The cheapest price for a friend and I was about $850/per person, when I did the exactly same accommodation for a solo trip, it started at $1000.

Now if we’re on the same page $1000 for a flight AND hotel to Thailand for 5 days (two travel days), IS STILL REALLY GOOD. Buuuuut, if you can convince bae or bestie to come, you save $150, and have twice the fun!!

I’m not at all opposed to solo trips, in fact, in the future I would like to do a few solo trips, but if its a better deal to invite someone, do it! 🙂

twoYou haven’t heard of the “two for one”? Well, that sounds about right, because I just made it up. 🙂 Anytime I am traveling somewhere internationally AND staying for longer than three days, I try to google other interesting and neighboring countries I can see along the way.

Another perfect example, when I meet husband, he doesn’t know it yet, but we will get married in Santorini, Greece. While we’re there we will take a mini honeymoon to Cairo, Egypt, because:

A. It’s only a 2 hour flight away, and if I’m ever only a two hour flight from Cairo, I. Will. Always. Go. Period.

B. It’s only $150 round trip. Enough said.

While in Paris we did this exact thing, and flew to Venice, Italy.

So what started as a trip to France, ended as a trip to FRANCE AND ITALY. 🙂

Two 4 One. Get you some.

seatNow, this is kinda hit or miss, but if you ever hit, you owe me.

Big time.

One time right before we were about to board the plane, the flight attendant said that they over booked the flight, and they needed 3 volunteers to take the next flight which was an hour later.

No one moved. “Why would I just randomly give up my seat because you all made a mistake. What do you all do when I make a mistake and miss my flight?” I thought.

Then she said “Visa gift cards are now starting at $600 for those volunteers.”

Honnney, you don’t have to tell me twice! I assure you I can find SOMETHING to watch for an hour. I walked calmly to the desk, and handed her my passport.

“I suppose I can manage to miss an hour of ‘Insecure’ for $600.” I said so fakely annoyed.

Long story short, if you can, give up that seat girl!

bagsIn a previous post “ Tips When Travelling to Europe“, I mentioned how over packing can/will ALWAYS get you in trouble.

When taking international trips, or even small get-a-ways, you reaaaaally should double and triple check the airlines bag policy. Airlines like EasyJet or Spirit always have killer flight deals, but they get you with the bag fees. And sometimes, its a lot cheaper to buy with the actual flight reservation.

Read the fine print.

Which tip helped you the most?




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