Travel: Mini Mexico Miracles and Mayhem

My mini trip to Cancun a few weeks ago was quite interesting…to say the least. All in all it was a great experience, and it was an even better deal.

The planning began about two months prior to my birthday when I was positive we were road tripping to Albuquerque for The Hot Air Balloon Festival. But after doing a little research, we saw that it would take 12 hours to drive, $250 a night for a hotel (x 3 nights), and $350+ for a hot air balloon ride.

We clearly needed another option.

That’s when my life changed forever. And I saw the light… The light was calling my name.

It said, “Laurin, here is a package deal to Cancun for $350. That includes your round trip flight AND an all inclusive resort.”

So that’s what we did! And boy was it a trip to remember.

For starters, the Super Shuttle was just that; super! The driver turned a 45 minute trip to the resort into a 15 minute drag race. No lie. Kendall and I couldn’t stop laughing because we literally couldn’t believe how FAST he was driving. Meanwhile, the other passengers were holding on for dear life to the seats in front of them.

Finally, we arrived!

My overall review on our resort Parnassus All Inclusive Resort & Spa Cancun – Adults Only  was that it was nice and clean! Three different restaurants (including my favorite – seafood), entertainment every night, and even STRONG drinks! It was an older resort, but you could tell they took very good care of the facility.

I originally told my bestie this trip needed to be a “chill” trip.

Meaning ” I just got back from Europe where we did about 50 excursions a day, so I literally want to just lay on the beach while the waiter brings me margaritas”, but of course that didn’t happen. The explorer in me wanted to do just one excursion.

Hmmm… Just one huh?

Well this one was 12 hours long!

Swimming in a cave with baby sharks and catfish.

The Rio Secreto.

The Chichen Itza.

The Chocolate Museum.

The Cathedral and Plaza.

We were beat. And the sucky part is after we were done swimming, we ate, and I believe I got food poisoning. So the whole way back was spent in the charter bus restroom cleaning up puke. It wasn’t fun.


All in all if you’re looking to visit Cancun within the next year, check out these few tips.

  1. Check out Expedia for package deals.
    1. Click on the “Flights+Hotel” button and filter by price AND stars!
  2. Fly on the off season. It helps a TON with the price if you don’t go in summer or around a holiday.
    1. We flew in the middle of October, which seems to be the perfect time to be there.
  3. ALWAYS check for all-inclusive resorts. It’s always a better deal because usually food and drinks are included!
    1. If you stay at an all-inclusive resort , make sure you have a lot of cash for tipping.
  4.  Make sure you BUY plenty of bottle water for the room, and also for the day.
    1. I drink about a gallon of water in two days, so I bought a gallon for the room, and a smaller bottle to refill for when we left!
  5. Chichen Itza is a MUST! The back story is phenomenal, and it’s very good info to know!
    1. This 12 hour excursion was about $50, and it included food!
  6. Set your prices. There are millions of people selling purses, hats, and anything else you can think of, so if you want something, don’t be afraid to talk them down.
    1. The salesman’s favorite line is “It’s almost free…” so I usually keep small bills, and let them know that’s all I have in hopes to exchange. It usually works.



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