Motherhood: Halloween Lessons


While some were comparing candies with the kiddos,  I used that day to enforce manners! It was the best thing ever!

“Riley, what do you say?!”


Honney, I’ve never heard her say thank you so loud in her life!

But now when I say “Riley, what would you like for dinner?”

She says, “CANDY!” #InsertStaleFace

Haha, just don’t say that in public sweetie, people will think I’m crazy!

I chose Wonder Woman for our costumes because a few months ago I was in the bathtub watching the Wonder Woman movie for the first time on my computer (don’t ask how) when Riley woke up from her nap, walked in the bathroom, and was soo amazed.


She said, “Woah!!”

I said “You like her? She’s a superhero! She’s pretty cool, huh.”

“Uh huh (basically yes)”, said Riley.

And when she wore that costume, you could tell she randomly gained a little more confidence 45099191_10158033039503569_8730000510678990848_owalking around the mall waving, and blowing kisses at others.

I was like “Who are you?!” LOL.

At this point, I’m pretty much just security.





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