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Hi, my loves! It’s been a long year, right? So much has changed within the last 11 months! Well, I’ve been asked by a few readers post another Q&A, and to get deep

Whatever that means…

I guess you all don’t want to hear about my favorite color or my first pet, huh? Well, I really stepped out of my comfort zone with some of these questions.

By the way, thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If your question was not chosen, it’s nothing personal, at all. In fact, I still have all the questions, and will do this again in 6 months! I also have a panel girl group chat where I narrowed down my top twenty, and asked for their opinion on which I should answer!

So, blame them. Lol.

Lastly, I wanted to incorporate Miss Riley into the mix, to see what she would say. So the first few questions are for her, and the rest I answered alone.


Riley: “Pizza!”

Mama: “What else?”

Riley: “Sushi!”

Mama: “Yassss!! We love the shaggy dog, don’t we!!”


Riley: “The Baby!!”

That’s code for Moana (at the beginning when she was a baby.)


Riley: “Purple!”


Hmmm… So if you were to ask me within the last 6 years, I would have said a triple threat interior design, architecture, and real estate firm founded by all women. But honestly now, I believe that I will be happy anywhere God leads me.

Let me elaborate.

I am was that crazy person who tries to predict every single outcome in life. Whether it’s a job, a school, or even man. I mentally prepare myself for all outcomes of things that I really want to happen in my life up until recently…like about 6 months ago actually. It wasn’t until I had a talk with a close friend, and he said that maybe it stems from the fact that I have trust issues.

That’s deep right?

Like I really can’t trust that God will make the right decision for my life? Instead, I have to plan out each outcome in my head?

And MOST OF THE TIME, the outcome is something that I didn’t even think of…🤦‍♀️

So to answer the question, the following are things that I would really love to pursue or continue to pursue in the near future if it’s in his will:

Architecture/Construction (specifically Project Management)






Moving to Texas.

When I moved to Texas, it was tough. Being 16 hours away from my friends and family, placed on an island (because Prairie View is literally in the middle of nowhere), and with the pressure to do well in college; bruhhh I really don’t know how I did it now.

But honestly, it was the best decision I’ve made. I had to move for me. It wasn’t anything specifically wrong with Indianapolis, I just knew that in order for me to do everything I wanted to do in life, I would have to be around other like-minded people…at an HBCU for starters.


Whaaaat?! Why are we going there today?!? Lol.


I’ve always said I want as many kids as I can afford, but honestly, until I meet the man of my dreams, GET MARRIED, and discuss things with him, I cannot completely answer this.

But, right now… I’m DONE done. Stick a fork in me.

When he comes, we will let you know the updated answer.💖

out of state.png

Follow your dreams!

Make sure you have a plan A,B,C,D and E!

Don’t give up, EVER!


There was a time in my life when I was literally going to hell and back every day. So, I started jotting down my feelings and thoughts. Pretty soon, I started sharing my feelings with others who were going through similar things, and thought this could be a great platform for other women!

I hope this blog reads as very genuine, thought out, and will soon be a beacon of light for someone. No one is perfect, but it truly does help to hear about how other people overcame their obstacles!

I still have a lot of growing to do, personally and professionally so a class is in the future; just not in the near future. But, I am always willing to converse with someone who has any questions!!

co parenting.png

Whewww chile! Ask God for just a raindrop of love and patience!

Lol. Nah, I’m joking.

  1. Communication. Communication. Communication. I could type this about twenty more times! Especially if you both are first time parents. I think its impossible to over-communicate…in this case.
  2. Be considerate of the other person.  Put yourself in their shoes when making decisions.
  3. Always keep the child at the forefront of the relationship. Even though you are not IN a relationship with the other person anymore, it is important to still obtain a healthy relationship.
  4. Do what works for you two and the child. Everyone will have opinions about how to raise your child, and some of them may have great advice; but at the end of the day, this is YOUR CHILD. Not theirs. And you are responsible for your child.


ALL THE TIME! I miss my family like crazy!! But honestly, I really do love Texas, and I really dislike the snow!!


I believe that everything happens for a reason, so everything that I’ve been through within the past 26 years was preparing me for where I am now; which is on this spiritual journey with God putting all of my trust in his hands. For me, being a Christian is not only going to church, actually in my opinion that is only a small part. It’s about demonstrating OUTSIDE the house, that you are a believer, and that he is in you!

I still have a long way to go, but in the meantime, I love engaging in spiritual conversations with others who are farther along than I am in the journey!

My main goal is to stay consistent in his faith.


  1. Music. (NEO SOUL and R&B)

(I literally have a song for every feeling that goes through my body! And a song that reminds me of every person close to me.)

2. Art. Painting really soothes me.


Ah, that’s easy!

  1. My attitude…at times.
  2. My impatience.
  3.  And I can over-think the heck out of something!
  4. I also can be a perfectionist at times. Y’all pray for me, I am a work in progress.

On the other hand, here are a few of my most attractive traits!

  1. I am extremely driven/passionate. When I want something, I will do almost anything to achieve the goal!
  2. I am a lover! I truly do try to see the best in everyone!
  3. I am resourceful. If something doesn’t work, I will always try and find other options with the quickness!
  4. Very committed. This can be a good thing or a bad thing.


Thank you for reading. Comment below if we have anything in common!!


Laurin Jo

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