Motherhood: Our Build-A-Bear Experience

Did you all hear about the Build-A-Bear give-a-way earlier this year?! Well, we didn’t go on that day, but we did go a few days after and it was still as magical as I remember as a child!

When I was younger my grandmother took me to B.A.B,  and I made one of my best friends ever! Her name was Skylar Mercedes Alexis McKenzie Dakota Tene (please don’t ask how I remember her name), and she was a white polar bear with purple ombre ends. She wore many outfits, but my favorite was her soccer uniform because, at the time, I played soccer. Skylar was very near and dear to my heart, so I knew I wanted Riley to experience the same feeling!

So for starters, now-a-days in B.A.B, they have tons of animals to choose from, and they also have some characters now. I really wanted Ry to have ‘Sky’ from Paw Patrol, but that would defeat the purpose of ‘building a bear’.  If I wanted her to have ‘Sky’, I should just go to any other store and buy her one.

Trying to be as fair as possible, I pulled out a bear and a bunny and told Riley to choose which one she wanted. She almost instantly went for the bunny!

Wow, that was easy! I’m was pretty sure the rest of our experience wasn’t going to be though.

And it wasn’t. 🙂

Rewind to us walking into the store about 20 minutes prior, Riley immediately ran to the Wonder Woman costume, and wouldn’t let it go. I, on the other hand, loved the cowgirl outfit or the pajamas for the bunny. I also wanted her to have skates and rain boots for some reason.

Side note:** When going to B.A.B make sure you are okay with walking out spending at least $50. Luckily we had a gift card from my boss, so we were able to splurge a little bit. Although the clothing is for a bear, don’t think it won’t be full price! That ‘Wonder Woman’ outfit Ry was carrying around cost $18! This is more than I like to spend on a shirt for myself!

This may be why I was ignoring it as she held on to it. Needless to say, we got the outfit.

Lastly, it was really special to see Riley place the heart in the bunny before the B.A.B worker filled her with cotton!

Have you been to Build-A-Bear? What was your experience like?!



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