Motherhood: Tips for Expanding your Toddlers Vocabulary

If you’ve ever been around me…well… it’s no secret that I can TALK! Lol.

What can I say?

I love interacting with others!

I love telling others about the great deal I found!

And, I love bouncing ideas back and forth with like-minded people!

So it’s no surprise that my offspring would have the same big mouth as I do!

Ever since she was born, literally, she has been talking. Whether I know exactly what she’s saying, or not! Now lately, all I hear from others is, “How did you get her to talk to well?”.

Or, “Oh my goodness, she is sooo smart!” they say.

One day on my google spree, I came across this blog post about how to interact and teach your children to properly speak at an early age! Some of the tricks they named didn’t fully stick, so I decided to conduct my own experiment, and here are a few of my tips!

1. Ask questions.

While in the car, the radio is OFF, and I just ask questions!

“Riley!! Do you see that red car?!”, I yell.

She usually says “yes” whether she saw it or not. Now, I am not someone who studied child development, but I know this has helped her because now she knows the color red!

2. Talk out loud.

Perfect example, this morning it was sooo cold!! So I blurted out, “It’s sooo cold Riley!”

She said clear as day, “It is cold, mama!”

I said, “No its freezing!!”

She said, “Freezing? Yeah, it’s FREEZING!” Lol.

3.  Call out details.

Now, this may be similar to #1, but it doesn’t always have to be a question!

It could be, “Riley I LOVE you pink purse.”.

She usually looks down at her purse and says, “Pink purse?”

I say, “Yes! Your purse is pink!”

4. Encourage others to help you with numbers 1-3.

Repetition is key, so when I call my best friend and he says, “Riley, what color is my shoe?”, I am hoping that if she hears it enough, she will remember it!

It may sound annoying to do at first, but when you get a hang of things, it actually fun!

In public, people probably look at me like I’m crazy talking to my toddler until she answers me with a full sentence.

Haha, jokes on you!

This is all that I have so far, so tell me some of your tricks to help your toddler with talking and vocabulary?!


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  1. Yes!! In the car we talk & I ask questions and point things out and I ask Dash what he sees! The radio is off and it’s just our little mouths going!

    I also watch educational YouTube videos with him and when they ask questions or say a color or word. I will repeat it – now he does it on his own.