Woman to Woman: My speed dating experience!

Hi, my loves! If you follow me on Facebook, you know I attended a speed dating event this past weekend, and I had a really good time! It was 10 men and women, who were just really excited to see what was out there in the single world.

No pressure. 

After the actual speed dating portion, the women and men teamed up together to offer a few rules  tips for the opposite sex. Basically, a few things to keep in mind while on the single journey. Would you like to hear them? Good! Because I was going to tell you anyways. 🙂 

It helped me, and I think it can help you as well.

Advice from the men to women

1.    Be who you are, and not who you think we want. Be confident.

2.    Take initiative. In all aspects. Point blank.

3.    Be patient. Just because we date for a month does not mean we are getting married.

4.    Go into every relationship without any intentions. Just because we talk everyday does not mean we want to marry you. Maybe, you’re just a great at listening. #FriendZoned

5.    STOP sharing all of those “I’m lonely and don’t have a man.” memes on Facebook. Lol. It isn’t flattering, and it makes you seem lonely in all aspects of life.

>> 6. THE BONUS! Keep an open mind, and lower your standards that have nothing to do with who he is as person, and have everything to do with what he drives, how tall he is, how big/small he is, or how much money he has. Most of those things can change in a matter of days…

Hearing the guys list their top six tips to women was a real eye-opener. I didn’t realize men notice that much. Lol. I completely understood where they were coming from with number five, because there are a few women on my timeline who ONLY post memes about how single they are, or how they wish there was someone in their bed. Every time I see that, I wonder if the man of their dreams follows them (on social media), and IS attracted to them, but IS NOT attracted to all the “lonely and single” post; and therefore not attracted to that woman anymore. Don’t block your blessing, sis!

Advice from women to men

1.    Be considerate of our feelings AND our time.

2.    Communicate. Even if you think it’s minute, tell us!

3.    Be completely honest. Even if it makes you uncomfortable.

4.    Take initiative. Plan a date, tell us what to wear, and where to meet you.

5.    Listen. We will tell you everything you need to know if you just listen.

>> 6. THE BONUS! Be consistent! Why stop the “good morning” text one month in?

So, besides the most basic tips we always give men like … “be honest, communicate, and be considerate”, the main point that would probably take me over the edge, fall in love same day, and move to where ever he is (clearly I’m being facetious, right?) would be number four! TAKE INITIATIVE! How awesome would it be to have a spouse who sees a need around the house, in the relationship, or just in general, and without needing instruction, just handled it! Imagine getting this text. Is this too much to ask for?



Ladies, you can’t tell me that wouldn’t make you smile from ear to ear. In return, any loving woman would feel extremely excited (and for good reason), to do the same; and often!!

Also, since the men had a good laugh about all of the women that post the “I’m single and lonely” memes, we wanted to let you all know; we see the same thing!! So, no need for you to tell the world (Facebook primarily) how single YOU ALL ARE by quoting all the scriptures from the bible that mention having a wife, or posting your prayers to God about wanting a soulmate. We are sure he hears you perfectly fine, without the extra post. In fact, he heard you when you thought of the idea, wrote it out in the notes area of your phone, and proceeded to open Facebook to pray to God. The only thing you DIDN’T do is tag him!

This was such a great experience, and also so much fun! You should check out your local listing for speed dating near you. I joined a few Houston Singles groups that host them occasionally.

Tag someone who needed to hear this! It’s all love.




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