Lifestyle: Our First Year of Blogging

T his blog is a result of wanting/needing a place to vent, gather my thoughts, and be at peace with some of the world’s everyday issues.

T his blog is proof that something positive DOES come out of EVERY situation.

T his blog is proof that no matter how many people DON’T believe in you, there will always be another group of people that DO believe in you.

T his blog is the prime example of what happens when you put your all into something, stay consistent, do your research, and execute your plan.

In the short eight months that this blog has been active, we’ve had over 20K views in 10 countries, we’ve been featured on a few blogging platforms, AND we’ve made major connections with numerous small and large companies!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am about these achievements.

There is sooo much that goes into starting a blog, and with my taste, sis that isn’t cheap!

Thank you to all my blogging buddies that shared countless hours of wisdom and advice.

Thank you to all our viewers!

Thank you to everyone who shared our post!

We are truly appreciative and thankful.

In 2019, we have so much in store for you all! We will be doing a little rebranding, we are pushing the envelope even more with our photography, and we will be on even more adventures!

Stay tuned.


Ry & Lo


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