Travel: Tips for Taking your Toddler to Sporting Events

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The first year of my daughter’s life was a HUGE learning experience. From crawling to eating, I had to learn how she operates (because they all operate differently). So when Riley and I were given the opportunity to attend a professional football game, I was ecstatic! Not only because I am a die-heart Colt’s fan (all Patriots and Cowboys fan exit stage left), but because this was another learning experience for us!
Honestly, I figured it would be like our church.
Loud with LOTS of people. And I was right. 🙂 
Overall, I would rate the experience an 8/10.
We had a few distractions like:
  • Trying to buy cotton candy from every stadium worker that walked by (even when she was already eating some)
  • Wanting to stand in the aisle and talk to people in our area (in her defense – they started these conversations)
  • Seeing other children run around, and wanting to do the same
With that being said, here are a few tips that could help if you’re taking your child to a sporting event soon.
1. Kids Under 2 Are Free
Depending on the event and the location, most children under two are free. So take 48110938_10158144444728569_5991608630665805824_nadvantage of not having to buy an extra ticket for your little one. This also means your mini will occupy your legs for the majority of the event. So be prepared for the ride.
2. Arriving
If I were you, I would arrive early. This game started at noon, and we were there at 11 a.m. You would be surprised how many kid-friendly sporting events there are. We happen to go on ‘Kid’s Day’, so they had lots of small stations with games and freebies.
3. Aisle seats and family areas are our friends.
While doing a little research, I read that there are “family areas” with suites and seats for families with children. So, if you able to plan ahead, it may be a good idea to get a seat close to this area. If not, an aisle seat will do.
4. Headphones/Ear Protectors
48275231_10158144120023569_1199760992007880704_nSurprisingly, this game wasn’t that loud to me. Maybe it was because my team was winning and the Texans were not, I’m not sure. Lol. But either way, it’s always a good idea to bring some form of protection for your little one’s ears. Whether they are use to loud music or not.
5. Walking breaks are essential
So now that you have your aisle seat, you won’t feel bad about getting up every five minutes. We stayed until the beginning of the fourth quarter, and we took about 4 walking breaks. Although my mini really enjoyed screaming when we got a touchdown, high-fiving the other fans, and dancing in her seat; she still needed walking breaks. During these breaks, we would stop by the restroom (family restroom – 1/3 of the waiting time), walk to one of those kids areas, or even visit the gift shops!
6. Make the most out of your clear bag
With most stadiums now incorporating the “clear bag policy,” you literally have to stuff your whole life into one small bag. Sucks, I know. So with that in mind, we packed the essentials. I incorporated some of my traveling tips into packing and rolled all her diapers instead of laying them flat. I also grabbed a pack of wipes to go instead of the full size package. Lastly, I brought a bag of cereal that she finished by the end of the first quarter. #WeNeedMoreCereal
7. Eat before the game, bring snacks, and check for deals
It’s inevitable that kids will still ask for every pack of popcorn you pass, so check online and ask a stadium worker about any food or kids deals. While I was in line, an angel tapped my hand and to tell me there were kid’s concessions in section 115. So instead of spending $5.75 for one small popcorn in our area, I spent $5.50 on a small popcorn AND  soft drink for my mini. #Winning #FrugalMom
8. Triple check the weather
NRG Stadium is indoor (thank the heavens), so we bundled up walking into the stadium and then we were good! If you’re going to a game in an outdoor stadium like Lambeau Field in the winter, I would highly recommend bundling up AND bringing a blanket. It can get cold out there!
Thank you for tuning in! Check out some of my favorite photos from this event! Go Colts!

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