Lifestyle: Our New Holiday Tradition

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Like many families, the death of a loved one can sometimes put a strain on our hearts around the holiday season. Every year prior to 2014, we would go over my grandmother’s home and open gifts on Christmas Eve. After she passed on 5.14.14, we needed a new tradition she would be proud of.

So, last year I came up with this awesome idea that we would create our own Christmas cards! But not only that, let’s have a pajama party and watch classic Christmas movies! Last year we watched ‘The Grinch’, and this year wasn’t so classic; we wanted to laugh so we watch ‘Bad Moms Christmas’.


Check out our first and second annual Christmas cards! I can’t wait to see how these cards will evolve!

2017 Christmas Card!



2018 Christmas Card!


What are your holiday traditions?!



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