Lifestyle: Our motives behind the holiday season

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I love the holiday season! It bring families together, and there is a spirit in the air that cannot compare to any other time of the year! But, I really don’t like that everything has began to stem around buying gifts.

Is that really what this season is about? Do you know what this season is about? If not, why do you celebrate something that has no meaning to you?

The Christmas holiday is about CHRIST! It should be centered around him and his house rather than the cars and dolls we buy our children. If we aren’t teaching our children about the true meaning of Christmas, what exactly are we teaching them?

This should be the time to reflect on all blessing, and to show gratitude for life itself.

In upcoming years, I would like to celebrate this holiday by traveling and meditating. Taking everything in, educating my daughter on the holiday, and attending a church in a different country. Why not go to Jerusalem? I don’t want the holiday to be centered around materialist things that have no real value. I want her to see the value in favor and faith. I want to teach her how to pray, and how not to look for validation from anyone, BUT God.



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