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Growing up, eating was always a hassle. I grew up with a bunch of pretty busy  women who cooked, but not every day. And to make matters worse, I was picky. I think it started one day when I went over a friend’s house. I was forced to eat something that tasted chalk and grits and smelled like dead people. Then I was told I couldn’t get up until I finished everything on the plate. Sounded like a stunt from Fear Factor to me.

From that day forward, I promised myself I would never eat random food from random people again.

After that happen, I would smell, touch, and fill my food out until I knew it was safe to eat. My mom would be so pissed at me. Lol. Sorry! Everyone can’t cook, and I needed to make sure the food was edible!

#AllFoodAintGoodFood #FACTS

“why are you smelling it?” She would yell.

Sometimes before we went to a big event, so that I wouldn’t embarrass her, she would stop and buy us a happy meal so that we wouldn’t even have to worry about going near a kitchen.

“Thank God.” I would mumble.

Now that I have a kid, it is no surprise that she is the same way. Picky. But this time it’s genetics. And I will never make her eat anything that I wouldn’t. Since I moved to Texas, my list of ‘yes foods’ has gone through the roof! I never thought in a million years that I would eat crawfish. Just looking at it makes me feel weird, but it’s good though!

I’ve had to tell Riley certain foods like carrots or corn is candy just for her to eat it. I’ve also had to buy broccoli fries so she would eat them, thinking they were regular fries. The thing that usually works most of the time is when I simply eating the exact same thing I already made for her. For some strange reason, my food looks 10x better on my plate than hers. Although it’s the exact same thing.

I’m not sure what else to do. Do you have any advice for tricking your small children into eating?



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