Lifestyle: Finding Yourself Again After Becoming a Mother

Being a single mother can be overwhelming! There is sooo much to think about! I wish my mind had an off button. Does anyone else have those moments when they have a random thought about something that has nothing to do with your current situation?

Like “Omg did I take the clothes out of the washer?!”

“Did I take her diapers to daycare this morning?”

“Did I brush my teeth this morning?” (always keep that backup at work, sis)

Millions of single mothers are so focused on being a good mother that they completely forget about themselves, and I completely understand.

That was me last year.

Everything was heavily centered around my daughter, and while it still is, I have backed down a tad to attempt to find myself again.

Here are a few things that really help me channel my inner Laurin to keep my sanity.

1.Taking long baths

This may seem like the most basic thing ever, but it is also the most soothing of them all! When I put my little one to bed, I grab my computer, turn on Being Mary Jane, a glass of wine, maybe even some ice cream and soak! Sometimes I would lay there for hours, and keep running more hot water! Lol.

2. Meditate and Pray

I often do this while I am in the tub. Sometimes you just lay there, in the dark, with no noise or no distractions. Sometimes you just need that peace and quiet. Use this time to think about all of the many blessings that God continues to grant us with. To center yourself.

3. Get dressed up and take yourself out

I know how it is after a few bad relationships; your trust is shot, you don’t really feel like being bothered with anyone, and you are easily annoyed. At this point, you really only want to tolerate yourself. So why not get dressed and take yourself to a movie, out to eat, or take a run in the park!

What do you do to get your mind temporarily off mommy mode?





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