Lifestyle: How some toddlers view toys and other materialistic things…

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Can you imagine going Christmas shopping and hand picking all of these magnificent gifts for your little one; only find out that her joy lies in a box that her diapers were previous in?

Are you serious? Wait, why?!

This didn’t make me feel good at all. In fact, I wanted to throw all of that crap away; including that dumb BOX!!

So let me get this straight… out of all of the Minnie Mouse crap, Baby Alive dolls, Moana dolls, and books you received for Christmas; you would like to play in a cardboard box instead?

Will I buy my daughter another toy in the future…of course I will.

Will I leap for joy next time she decides she wants to sit in the diaper box, and play?

YES, I will because you know what, maybe she wants to be an inventor or engineer.  Maybe she is the next Madam C.J. Walker or Elon Musk. Maybe her getting in that box is helping her think outside the box. Maybe I should start playing with her in the box, so her imagination can wonder. Maybe that free box will teach us something about how to view and walk through life. Maybe that box is teaching us that you don’t need much to have fun.

What this situation says to me is, “I entertain what makes me happy, not what has the most monetary value.”

We should all live like this.

And that my friend, is how you can turn lemons into lemonade!




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