Lifestyle: A few ways to keep God at the center of your life

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Whewww chile!

I’ve tried to do this thing called life too many times alone, and it never works. I don’t know about you, but from now until my last day on this earth, I need God at the forefront of my life! If you read our New Year’s Resolution blog post, you know that it was heavily centered around my religion. So here are a few specific things that I started doing to make sure He is on my mind; all the time!

1.Stay Prayed Up

My morning alarm is not the annoying “EH EH EH” sound I’m use to. Lol. You know the sound.

It’s “Give Me- Kirk Franklin and Mali Music”

Check it out here.

I chose this song because it allows me reflect on my life and to remember that no one’s life is perfect, but every day we should all strive for greatness. Life is too short for negative energy.

2.Talk to God

Anytime I feel like the Devil is testing my Godly Gangsta, I just start talking to him.

“ Lord, I don’t know what exactly is going on, but

YOU SAID you would fight for me, and I will only need to be still. Exodus 14:14

YOU SAID not to fear and that you are with me. Isaiah 41:10

YOU SAID your unfailing love for me will not be shaken nor your covenant peace be removed. Isaiah 54:10

Need I go on?

Yup sis, he said all of that!

3.Protect your energy

Life will NEVER BE PERFECT! So get that out of your head. But every day we spend trusting God, will bring us closer to him. And isn’t that the goal…to be more like him? You cannot afford to let others block your blessing! Get all of that toxic energy out of your space! Your space is special. Your energy is sacred! Protect it!

These are three things that I know to be very helpful, what do you do to stay close to Jesus?



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