Events: Nikki Giovanni Gives Us the 411 on how to live our lives

Working for an institution has granted me many great experiences, and having the honor to hear Nikki Giovanni speak was one of them. As soon as I found out Ms. Giovanni was our keynote speaker for Martin Luther King Day, I began to secure my baby sitter. Lol. #BabysitterSecured

For those of you who don’t know who Nikki Giovanni is, allow me to bless your soul for one quick second; in poem form. #MoanaReference

African-American Activist.

World-renowned Poet.



And Educator.

…just to make a few of her many accolades.

At 75 years young, Ms. Giovanni is STILL full of life and remarkable stories. I could sit and listen to her talk all day! Her poise and elegance immediately filled the room. She’s also very outspoken and blunt, so be ready for all the realness that you will inherit from hearing her speak.

She began her speech asking the audience did we see that The Clemson University football team was invited to The White House only to be served McDonald’s burgers, fries, and nuggets.


First off, who likes cold fries?? And I thought it was suppose to be a fancy sit-down dinner at The White House. Ugh!

Anyhow, she goes on to say,

“If you’re going to do something do it right; and respect people and their time. Why on earth would you invite these hard-working athletes to The White House to feed them something that they could get from a drive thru?”

And I agree! I can’t even image walking into The White House, and seeing what Trump calls “great American food.”

The rest of her speech was essentially about treating other people right, and living a life you and only you are proud of.

Ignore what others have to say!

“…like why do you can whose gay? You don’t have to sleep with them, so why do you care who someone else sleeps with. Mind your own bed…”

She spoke to the college students that were attending the event as she says,

“Don’t worry about getting a good grade, just worry about learning something and the grades will come.”

This phenomenal speech from this phenomenal woman really spoke to everyone listening. The main keys were to stay focused on yourself, on your beliefs, and on your future; but also to be kind to others, respects their views, and learn to realize that in order to make the world a better place it’s just takes one.

What is your favorite Nikki Giovanni poem? My favorite is ‘Beautiful Black Man’. Check out out here!




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