Lifestyle: A few tips for getting your children into modeling

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Hi my loves! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how exactly I got Riley into modeling, so I decided to do a blog post about…

Of course that’s why you’re here right?! Lol.

Okay, so I just want to start off by saying, there is no specific formula. It’s a luck of the draw.

Because of this blog and our Influencer collaborations, I post a lot on Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes Snapchat. So one day, in one of the millions of Facebook groups that I’m in, I saw a photographer mention that she needed models for a magazine collaboration she was working on.

She initially said she needed children over 4, but knowing that I have a beautiful 10 month old, I reached out and said,

“Are you suuuure you couldn’t use this beautiful baby in the magazine?”


She wrote me back immediately with the address of the photoshoot.

And that’s all she wrote.

So with that being said, let me give you all some advice about modeling from our experiences.

1.Do your research.

As soon as she wrote me back with the info. I did TONS of research to make sure this wasn’t just some creep wanting photos of small children. I am like a detective. I can find out almost ANYTHING! And if you’re a parent, you are probably like this too. Lol. She turned out to be the Editor of the magazine with the collab! So all good here!

2.Make sure the meeting spot is in public.

So as soon as I received the address, I already knew where it was because as a photographer myself, I’ve shot photos there at least 5 times! There is NO reason to go to anyone’s house or private space… at least not at first. Build a relationship with them, and use your best judgment from there.

3.Make your child an Instagram page

Soooo… although I post a lot, I was not really on board with this until I kept getting emails from companies asking for her social media information. Then I felt awkward sending them MY Instagram page. So I just made the page. It’s completely safe and I am the admin, of course!

4.Payment will NOT always be money.

Go into all experiences without any expectations. We’ve done TONS of photo shoots for nothing. But it’s not really for nothing. You are networking, you get the photos, and you may even get to keep the clothing or product!

5.Just post photos!

Being a photographer and perfectionist, I thought that all of our photos HAD TO BE profession on my heavy Canon camera, but nah! A good photo is a good photo! Just post photos! No one will look at a photo of a baby and say,

“This baby is cute, but this photo is not good.”

They will see your potential, and book you! So just post your beautiful baby, sis!

6.Use #Hashtags!!

#Hashtags are ESSENTIAL! This is how companies find you! Whatever your brand is, #Hashtag it! I sat down one day and wrote down about 20 #Hashtags in my phone, and now when I post something, I go to my notes and copy and paste all of those #Hashtags.

Check out a few of our #LifeOfJoJo #Hashtags.

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What other advice do you have for child models?



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