Events: Why companies like The Mane Choice are good for the culture

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I was just laying in the bed on Saturday morning minding my business when I scrolled past this flyer.


Wait, what?I couldn’t even believe my eyes! Like why would they do such an amazing thing like this? Because that’s what black business bosses do, THAT’S WHY!!


Mane Choice has been a top leader in the African American hair care industry, and every year they get better and add more products! I started using their products about 4 years ago when I was not seeing any results with another hair care brand. Immediately after I switched to The Mane Choice, not only did I see a change (hair growth), the texture of my hair seemed a lot easier to tame.

This event was completely unexpected (by me and a lot of the community), but it was very thought out and generous!

Where do I even begin?

I was about the 5th person in line, and from the outside it was poppin! We saw pizza man after pizza man bringing in food. We saw workers running to the car to grab cases of water, and we also saw piles and piles of t-shirts right at the front door.

“They really spent some money on this event.”, the girl behind me whispered.”

When we walked in, we were handed a t-shirt and walked to our tables. The hall was set up in such a beautiful manner, I almost forgot this was a community event! From the purple and white decor to the Mane Choice backdrop, everything was immaculate!

After being seated for only a few minutes we were told to get in line for pizza and drinks, and then we were released to go skating.

They rented the ENTIRE skating rink out for this event!

The energy was so high in the rink! Mothers with their children and young girls gathered together for some clean fun!

After realizing that I am not in as good of shape as I once was as a skater, I stopped and spoke to a few people. I was completely shocked to learn that not only African-Americans use The Mane Choice! Although centered around African-Americans, The Mane Choice is for all ethnicities and all hair types! And most people at the event actually did use their products; African-Americans, Hispanics, and even Asians!

This event overall was fun, uplifting, and generous. I’ve been to a lot of community events throughout the years, but this one definitely topped all others.


The level of appreciation and gratitude from the community was very high, and the level of quality and professionalism from The Mane Choice employees was phenomenal!

From here on out, I will always support The Mane Choice because they support our communities.

Have you used The Mane Choice products? What is your favorite product?



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