Travel: My hot air balloon experience

After one whole month of patiently waiting to ride a hot air balloon, the day was finally here!

I had my outfit, my people, and my lashes. Lmbo.

I was ready.

I had been stalking the weather for the past 10 days, and as long it wasn’t raining WE’RE GOOD! Right?


It was cooold, sis. Like “Am I in Indianapolis again, cold.”

But I didn’t care! I wanted to ride in a hot air balloon!

So we stood there while they set it up and the weather was just horrible! The wind was blowing like crazy! So much so that the fire kept going out.


So they took a break and said they would try again in an hour.

Soooo, yup you guessed it. We waited.

An hour later, they tried.

Annnnd tried.

And tried.

But the weather was just too bad to fly. They even taught us about their balloon trick. They blew up a regular balloon, and said if it flies straight up, its good to fly! But if it went in one direction, it wasn’t a good idea to fly.


My heart was completely broken.

I was finally about to cross something off my bucket list, and it didn’t happen.

Well, I guess bae will have to set that up on our next vacay!


Thank God they had other things going on at this event though! I ate a bomb turkey and bacon sandwich, watched a polo match, and even took some BOMB photos by the hot air balloons. Lmbo. Made you think it was real! HA!

Here is a video of some of the setup!

Have you ever rode a hot air balloon? What was it like? I can’t wait!! My time is coming!



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