Lifestyle: The Best Valentine’s Day with your Mini

If you’re in a relationship, you’re waaaay too excited about this overrated holiday, and if you’re single you should be excited about this holiday too.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You get to check out all of the awesome gifts from others to eventually tell you, future partner.
  2. You can take this time to take yourself on a date, and possibly meet other singles.
  3. You can get free food at places like Hooters since they’ve advertised FREE WINGS for singles today.

But whether you are single or not, there are still really fun things to do with your mini like:

  1. Take them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant.
  2. Take them to a kids facility like Chuck E. Cheese or Monkey Joe’s.
  3. Buy dinner and dessert and have a movie night.

I remember when I was a little girl my mother always made me baskets for V-Day. These baskets included things like notebooks, pencils, new underwear, pajamas, and even chocolate!

I want to continue this tradition because honestly, it taught me a lot.

I’ll explain.

Do you all remember going to Walmart/Target to get the box of character Valentine’s, then going home with your class list to assign them all to your classmates?

Do you remember giving that boy that you thought was cute, your biggest and best Valentine?

And just like in the adult world, sometimes they gave you one back, and sometimes “they forgot”.

Well whether they forgot or not, I could always count on there being something at home from my mother!

And honestly, she is the one that knows me the best so her gift usually trumped theirs anyways!

It was just the thought that counts!

We should teach our young girls their value and worth from home, not from others.

We should teach them that gift or no gift, you are still special.

We should teach them that eventually when they date if a man wants you, he will show you and act like it; consistently!

We should teach them that man or no man, this is a day of love!

Love for God, first!

Love for yourself.

And love for mankind.

Do you all have any awesome traditions on Valentine’s Day?




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