Good Reads: 5 Interesting Facts About Michelle Obama

The moment I found out about Michelle Obama’s book, I was elated! I couldn’t wait to grab a copy! I would have went on tour to see her in person, but the tickets were sooo expensive (and for good reason, she’s amazing!! ), so I just YouTube’d all the clips from her interviews!

My favorite was her interview with Oprah. Michelle and Oprah had such a candid and and down to earth conversation! From her family, to her and Barack’s first date when he was late, to dealing with racism at a young age! To me, their conversation really placed the pieces together as to why Michelle is so determined and passionate about everything that she does!

If you haven’t seen it, check it our below.

While reading her book, I noticed that I ( like many other black girls) have a lot in common with her! I think that’s what makes her a phenomenal woman; the fact that we all can relate to her. We ALL have something in common with the former/forever FLOTUS! Check out 5 interesting facts about Michelle Obama that I learned from her book Becoming.

1. Her education….

Although Michelle’s family didn’t have much money, education was always at the top of their priorities! She was an over-achiever in school, her mother taught her and her brother how to read and write by the age of 4, and she even skipped the second grade!! By the sixth grade, Michelle was placed in a Gifted class. She was even able to begin learning French and Biology at that young age. She went on to become the salutatorian”, which means she had the second-highest grades in her High School class of 1981. Then, she went on to attend on of the top Ivy League universities with her brother, at Princeton University where she majored in sociology. After Princeton she went right into law school at Harvard University.


2.  Her family…

Michelle had a very close knit family. She talks about being really close with her brother, 21 months to be exact. Many people even thought that they were twins! She also had a special relationship with her father who had multiple sclerosis.

One story that stuck out to me was when she explained how she went down to the polling place with her father, and how it took so much energy for him to just stand there and cast his ballot, but he stuck through it just to stress the importance of voting to his children.

Michelle’s father died of Multiple Sclerosis when she was in her 20’s. May he rest in peace.


3.   Her drive…

After graduating from Harvard in 1988, she became a lawyer. She moved back to her hometown of Chicago and began job searching. She got a job at law firm called Sidley Austin. She also became the Associate Dean of the University of Chicago in 1996. In 2005, she became the Vice President of the University of Chicago Medical Center. Michelle actually took little 4-year-old Sasha to the job interview with her, since there was no one to babysit at the time. Michelle was able to increase the number of volunteers at hospital by 500%.

4.  Her love…

In 2007, when Barack’s position as Senator was becoming more serious, and he decided that he wanted to run for President, Michelle began to spend more time with him in Washington, DC. Michelle’s mother was looking after Sasha and Malia while they were gone. At that time that Barack Obama decided to run for President, Michelle actually made more money than he did. She was the main income of their household, and they both shared the work in raising their daughters. On more than one occasion, Barack Obama has called her “my rock”. In 2008, Michelle left her job in order to support Barack with his Presidential campaign. She had earned a six-figure salary, but she was still willing to give it all up in support of his dreams.


5.  Her passion…

During the first year of Barack Obama’s Presidency, Barack and Michelle would spend a great deal of their free time volunteering in soup kitchens for the homeless. When she became First Lady, Michelle started the “Let’s Move” campaign to help stop the United State’s childhood obesity epidemic. This was a topic that both Democrats and Republicans could agree was an issue in the country, so everyone supported her efforts. When Michelle moved into the White House with her family, she made it mandatory that the kitchen only serve healthy, organic food. She also created a garden on the property, so that the kitchen had a supply of free fresh organic vegetables on-hand. This was a very important gesture for the American public to show that she was “walking the walk”, considering how outspoken she was against obesity.

Michelle Obama is a beacon of light for little girls all around the world. She is prime example of what happens when you go after and accomplish your dreams! Michelle has paved the way for many other women who would like to follow in her foot steps! She is also the epitome of a great mother and wife! She is the phenomenal woman Maya speaks of…

What is your favorite part of Michelle’s book  Becoming?



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