Travel: 5 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

This past weekend, I was faced with what I thought would be my greatest challenge yet; traveling with TODDLERS…alone.

In my mind, I just knew they would tie me up and run around the airport like wild hogs, but actually, they weren’t bad…at all! I did do a little research prior to this trip, and during the trip, I decided to create my own list with what actually worked for me!

Check out these 5 tips for traveling alone with toddlers!


I. Keep the snacks on deck.

Honnney, if you know kids, you know they looove snack! So the night before, I went to Walmart and stocked up on snacks like aminal crackers, Goldfish, and cheese & crackers!

And knowing that we had snacks, made things 10x times better!

The only bad thing is that when flying, you can’t bring drinks. So when we eventually got to our gate, I bought them both drinks.

…which brings me to my next point…


II.  Do it twice

There is no way in life you can (or even would want too) buy one toddler something and not the other. So if one gets a bottle of water, the other does too! The good thing is, once they both get it (whatever your “it” is) they are usually satisfied!


III. Bring at least one stroller

Little ones, like us adults, sometimes get tired of walking. So make sure you have at least one stroller (or a double stroller) just in case one gets tired. Luckily, my little cousin Hogi was with me and she was a HUGE help! She even wanted to help me push Mrs. Daisy (aka Riley) in the stroller!


54200976_268331937390883_393498766151254016_n (1).jpg

IV. Tablet, please!

In a world where all kids absolutely love television, bringing the tablet was essential! And don’t stop there, make sure you download Netflix and download as many shows as you can.

Wait, what?

You didn’t know you could download shows from Netflix to watch while you are not on wifi?!?

Chile, yes!

And it was a huge lifesaver…


V.  Have fun, don’t be so timid

These little humans are just that, LITTLE HUMANS! Have fun and live a little! They are actually really smart, and can teach you something!

Have you traveled with your little ones? How was your experience?




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