Freebie Friday Volume 1: The Ultimate Business Plan Template

Hi Boss Babes!

I am so excited about my new extension to The Life of Jo Jo Blog! This new series is called God. Goals. Grind.

Grind (1).png

God. Goals. Grind. is for all entrepreneurs in need of a little help with business, marketing, and branding! I am no expert (yet), but within the past year I have taken over 20 business and marketing classes, ran two successful business (including this blog), and I am also going back to school for my MBA in the fall. Yayyy!! I love school!


Within God. Goals. Grind. every Friday is Freebie Friday where I will share dozens of business tips that I know to be useful for any small or large business! I will be sharing this information through workbooks and small post that I personally create from my own experience!

I hope some of these tips or workbooks help you all. I am truly passionate about this blog, and also this segment; so I really hope I can be a blessing to someone or everyone!

We can all get this money!

Download the workbook here or below.

God. Goals. Grind. Business Plan Work Book

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below just in case someone else has the same question, and I will answer them all!  🙂

See you next Friday!




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