Travel: 4 Reasons to Take Your Toddler To Disney World

In the olden days, Disney was a huge luxury. Only the rich and famous could afford to go. Over the past 20 years, Disney World has become the number one amusement park in the world. Last year, the Walt Disney brand made $45 billion dollars in revenue for all 11 parks around the world. So why wouldn’t they want to make it more family-friendly!

The park is practically centered around children ages 1 and up! They are trying to paint the picture that this is an environment for everyone in the family, and it is!

Check out my top 5 tips on why taking your toddler to Disney is the best decision.61170119_1025132724344840_2414220629118025728_n.jpg

I. Children 2 or under are Free.

When I was younger and heard about others going to Disney, all I heard was, “Nooo don’t take your baby to Disney he’s only 3, he won’t remember it!”

First off, if your child is 2 and under they are free, and secondly, how do you know what they will remember?!? This is the best time to make it a family tradition!

Also, if you’re flying with a child that is 2 or under, they qualify as a lap child and will be free on the plane as well!



Side Bar: Children that are 3-9 will need a children’s ticket and 10+up are qualified as an adult ticket.

But don’t worry there are always ways to get free tickets! The first time I went to Disney World back in 2005, my mother signed up for a timeshare viewing that would last about 4 hours, but in the end we received two free tickets to Disney World. They still have this deal today through the travel company called RCI. Check them out!

If you do have to pay for tickets, sis, it’s worth it. I would pay for them every year of my life if I could!

61077914_1259794527511503_4448646495775752192_n (1).jpg

II. Disney World is primarily  centered around small children.

In the Magic Kingdom alone there are 27 rides that have no height requirements. What does that mean?! That means that my two-year-old had the time of her life riding 10 of those rides while we were there. She would have ridden all 27 if we had the time and weren’t park hoppin’.

The Animal Kingdom also has some awesome rides and safari trips!!


III. Very Family Friendly

The creative directors at the Disney empire really thought out every detail! Although they do check your bags (for weapons) prior to entry, they DO allow you to bring in coolers with food, drinks, and snacks. This was a HUGE saver for us because buying food all day can get a little pricey.

Sidebar: So, I just said buying food all day can get pricey, but the meals in these parks are actually not that expensive. Just image going to the rodeo or the carnival to get a funnel cake or turkey leg! That’s about the amount you will spend per meal at Disney.

My favorite meal in Disney was at Animal Kingdom at this heavenly stop right in front of where Mickey and Minnie were doing their meet and greet (I’m so sorry that I don’t remember the name). I got mac & cheese with shrimp and when I tell you it was heavenly. It was HEAVENLY… Fixed by the Animal Kingdom Gods.

End food rant. Lol.


Also, did you forget something at the hotel that you know for a fact you packed? Don’t worry they have gift shops with anything that you need or forgot to bring! This came in handy when we needed more wipes.

They even have nursing rooms for those women who are still breastfeeding their little ones.

IV. Making memories

Every time we see Mickey or Minnie mouse, Riley get so excited and says,

“I have seen Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy!!”

“You sure did, didn’t you baby!” I always say.

Make memories with your children. In all honesty, I didn’t think she would remember months later and she does! Meanwhile, I can’t remember what I did last week. Lol.

60816852_369838106989534_7476492714540793856_n (1).jpg

Lastly, I know a lot of parks around the world do not give away water for free, but Disney did; and you didn’t have to buy food with it either. I have even gone to some restaurants here in Texas that told me, they can’t give me water. I was like, “Really, it’s just water.” So don’t freak out if you run out!





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