Freebie Friday Volume 2: 20 Lucrative Side Hustles in the 21st century!

There has never been a more exciting time to pick up a side hustle! Back in the day, having one “good job” was the way to go. If you were to ask your grandmother to work more than one job, especially if she didn’t necessarily have to, she would flip out. Now-a-days side hustle are lucrative, excited, and most importantly FUN!!

Having a side hustle is a way for creatives to have an outlet! You have all of this pizzazz inside of you, just waiting to burst out!

Challenge yourself!

Be creative!

Have fun!

Here are a few side hustles that with:

I. The right research.

II. The right marketing.

III. And the right dedication can definitely bring you lots of joy and lots of money!!

In fact, most of these can even take the place of your current 9-5.

  1. Photography
  2. Starting a Blog
  3. Online Freelance
  4. Food Delivery
  5. Tutoring over Skype
  6. Ride-sharing
  7. Handyman services
  8. Creating stuff to sell (on Etsy)
  9. Take online surveys
  10. Babysitting
  11. Helping people move
  12. Drive Uber or Lyft
  13. Create an online course
  14. Write an eBook
  15. Produce a podcast
  16. Become a personal chef
  17. Dog walks
  18. Clean houses
  19. Create YouTube Tutorials
  20. Design logos
  21. Selling technical services

What is your side hustle?? How has it brought joy to your life?



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