Travel: Why The Disney Princess Dresses Are Worth Every Penny At Disney World

So, before my cousin and I went to Disney World, she kept saying how she wanted her daughter to have a princess dress. I was like “Why?”

I didn’t get it.

“It’s gonna be hot, tons of people, and it sounds expensive!” But as soon as I walked into the Disney Princess store and my daughter ran to a dress, started picking our accessories, and saw all of these other little girls running around in princess dresses, and getting crowned by the helpers; I couldn’t resist.

I mean come on now…

As soon as Ry and Hogi put on the dresses, for the first time in my life, I thought, “This is what life is really about…” Life is about being with your family, good health, and seizing the moment.


I mean look at them! How do you not just completely melt when you see this…

And you wanna know what really put the icing on the cake? Seeing the girls meet all of the original Disney princesses in their dresses!

Omg! I about fell out.

All of the Disney princesses greeted the girls as one princess to another, and they also spoke with the girls about their own story. They were in character but on another level.

Princess Tiana spoke to the girls about cooking and said that she has a great recipe for gumbo. She then asked the girls have they ever had gumbo before.

The girls said “Gumbo? Noooo…” Lol.


I can’t say it enough. The Disney Princesses are truly in character!  It was so special to watch their interactions with everyone! They were also so gracious.


What Disney princess does your little princess like?


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