Travel: The Grapevine Wine Train Trip

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Grapevine Wine Train Trip with the Diamond Diva Network based out of Houston, Texas, and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on!


The founder, Marilyn Glamour, has been planning these private trips for over 8 years! She has a huge following for social media, and she is known in Houston as the go-to event planner for the Diamond Diva Network.

To check out more events head over to their website.

The tour started early Saturday morning as we all met at a local Target parking lot to load the charter buses. The energy was exciting, the drinks were flowing, and the networking was real!


Since I didn’t know what to expect, I figured the bus ride would be boring, but nahhh…

This bus ride was soo turnt up! The music, the hostess, and the people! The people really made the trip! They also provided snacks and drinks for our convenience.

Once we were actually in Grapevine, we stopped at the Grapevine mall where we went into one of the greatest stores on earth…

It was called… Miss A’s.

You wanna know why Miss A’s was so great? Because everything in the whole store is $1!!

Yup, I said it! So if you’re ever in the Dallas/Grapevine area check it out!!

After loading the buses, we took a short ride to the hotels! And although the hotel staff were a little unorganized with our rooms, it was worth the wait.

Later that night we loaded the buses again and went on over to the train station.

Pulling up at the train station was so exciting! I’ve been on a train before…years ago, but this time was a complete upgrade!


The seats were sooo comfortable, the cart was surprisingly pretty spacious, and waiters we very excited to see us!

Upon getting on the train, we were given a bag with souvenirs and also a wine glass!

While on the train, there were waiters walking around filling our cups with wine the entire night! It was like a winery, on wheels! After about the 4th wine, we were even given a box dinner with a sandwich, cheese, and fruit.


The perfect foods to pair wine with, of course!

The train ride was very soothing, and I enjoyed every minute.


Once we were back at the hotel, refreshed, and hungry we went down to the conference room for a pajama and pizza party! It was sooo good to see so many women come together for a little laughter and fun!


If you haven’t heard about any event from The Diamond Diva Network, please check out their website for the next event!


Have you been on a train before? What was your experience like?


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