Events: The Accomplished Leaders Forum for Women in STEM

Recently I was invited to The Accomplished Leaders Forum for Women in STEM seminar at The University of Houston where woman from all walks of life sat on a panel to discuss the difficulties we face at women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field.

I was amazed to hear all of the different stories and experiences, but I was also amazed to hear how these woman overcame the problems.

Being in a male dominating field myself is always a struggle. Sometimes others will undermine you or question your opinion. Almost like,

“Wow you’re a woman, and you really know what you are talking about…”

Rarely do they actually say that, but between the questions, and the facial expressions you can tell that people expect my brain to be a ‘box of rocks’.

It’s almost like there is no way in life you can be pretty and be in such a promising field such as architecture. I’m not sure how a woman in architecture is suppose to look, but I came here today to tell you that SHE IS ME!

And there IS A SUCH thing as…

Beauty and Brains

How do you all feel about this? Are you in the STEM field, and have been tested by the opposite sex?


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