Events: Our Experience at the Rainforest Cafe

After spending Riley’s actual birth date in Magic Kingdom (Disney World), I knew I wanted to do something small, but still fun with her family.

I’ve seen the Rainforest Cafe in the Galleria Mall a few times, and always wanted to go in, but just never had the chance, or never had Ry with me.

So off to the rain forest we go!

When you first enter, WALK FAST!! There is an over-sized gift shop with tons of stuffed animals, toys, and other nik naks.

We went on a Sunday, and actually the wait was minimal…like 5 minutes to be exact.

When we walked into the actual restaurant, we saw dozens of interactive animals like elephants, butterflies, and monkeys!


Looking at the menu, I will say my first impression was that the food was a little over priced…and by overpriced I mean I ordered a butterfly shrimp fries basket and it was $19.99.

In all actuality, that isn’t completely overpriced, I just know a lot of other places in Houston where I can get the exact same thing for half the cost.

But then I thought, it’s not about the dang butterfly shrimp; its about the experience!!

The atmosphere.

The interactive animals.

And the service was impeccable!

That’s what you are paying for, and it was worth every cent.


Have you been to the Rainforest Cafe?! How was your experience? What was your favorite part?


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