Events: Our iFly Experience!

So… I crossed something off my bucket list a few weeks ago!

I went to iFly with my best friend, and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences ever!

As many of your know, I am very adventurous and have always wanted to sky dive. But every time I speak to someone who has actually sky dived, they tell me to try iFly first.

So let me walk you through the experience!


When you first arrive, you will need to sign in on one of their many kiosk. This kiosk will ask you about your height, weight, and will prompt you to sign an agreement about liability.

**You cannot be over 260lbs.

Once this torture is done, you will head upstairs for your training.

Training is really important, so pay attention!

In this training, they will teach you how to hold your arms and legs in order to get the best results.

Once training is over, and you are suited up, it’s time to fly!

Check out a few videos from our experience!


Have you ever been to iFly?! How was your experience?


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