Travel: The Top 5 Souvenirs To Get While In Disney

While at Disney, I was excited about the souvenirs we would collect!

Yes, yall. I am that souvenir chick!

I love little niknaks and trinkets!

Check out our top 5 souvenirs that are essential to bringing home from Disney World!

I. Disney Princess Dresses

If these photos alone aren’t enough reason for you to want to buy your princess a Disney Princess dress, head on over to my exclusive blog post on why this dress was an A GREAT INVESTMENT!

These dresses literally had everyone in awe!

Click here for the Disney Dress blog post.

II. The Infamous Autograph Book


These books were such a HOT COMMODITY! The autograph book, is just that, a book where you are able to get the autographs of all your favorite Disney celebrities. While at Disney, we were able to get a total of 8 autographs; including Mickey and Minnie!

The girls were so excited to get autographs from their favorite characters! Check out a few photos below.

III. Disney Ears

“People are still wearing ears at Disney World?”

Uh, YES!

They are essential. They have over 100 ear designs for you to choose from!

The girls actually a little extra spoiled on this trip. They had Disney ears AND Disney hats!

We just couldn’t pass up the hats!


IV.ย  Mickey’s Bubble Blower


This Mickey Bubble Blower kept the girls sane while waiting in line for rides, while waiting on purchase food, and also while waiting on the fireworks!

It was actually pretty cool! It blew out bubbles and acted as a light!

This bubble blower went everywhere they went on this trip!

Have you been to Disney World? What was your favorite part?! What was your favorite souvenir?




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