Events: 30 Key Points from BB Judy’s Dropping Business Knowledge Conference in #Htown

T his past weekend I went to a business conference hosted by Jesseca Dupart, also known as BB Judy.

Now, if you don’t know who BB Judy is, you should be ashamed!

She is the woman behind the million dollar hair company, Kaleidoscope Hair Products.


Jesseca Dupart, Founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products built her empire up from the ground up as a hair stylist in Louisiana!

The purpose of this conference was to inspire, empower, and encourage other black women with small businesses to think and dream BIG!!


Here are thirty out of hundreds of gems Jesseca dropped at this event!

  1. Chase your passion, not money.
  2. Your passion is connected to your purpose.
  3. Start small.
  4. You are your own cheerleader!
  5. Pray about it! “God, show me my purpose…”
  6. There is a market for ANYTHING!!
  7. Get your Tax I.D.
  8. What makes you different than your competitors?
  9. Advertise on EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM.
  10. Pray through the process.
  11. On social media, post at morning, noon, and night for 7 days to see what time your audience responds to you the most!
  12. Know and be aware of your target demographics.
  13. NETWORKING is key!
  14. It’s okay to be inspired by someone, but do something DIFFERENT! #DontCopy
  15. Find as much FREE promotion and advertisement as possible.
  16. Make your own lane, and stay in it!
  17. Be as creative as possible.
  18. What part of the year is your peak season?
  19. You have to fail to win.
  20. Obtain your DBA at the Secretary of State.
  21. Invest in yourself.
  22. Partner with other companies.
  23. Partner with influencers ( like me, ha!)
  24. Create a prayer routine.
  25. Change up your flow.
  26. Explore all options that are FREE. Especially in your area. #Htown
  27. Make sure your prayers are specific.
  28. Have the right people around you.
  29. Have a humble spirit.

Y’all this conference really made my day! Jesseca put us on so much game, I went home and went to WORK!

Now… with all of this being said…

Jesseca, sis, can we get this collab going?! Riley is running low on drops, conditioner, and shampoo, and the way my followers responded to me being at your event this past Friday, I’m sure they will love your products!!

Do you all follow BB Judy on Instagram?! If you don’t you are SLEEP!

Follow her today. @darealbbjudy



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