Events: The Barbie Be Anything Tour in Houston, Texas

Thank you so much Walmart and Barbie for the invite to the “Barbie Be Anything Tour” in Houston, Texas! Riley has officially said that she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up; thanks to you all!❣️🥰 👩‍🚀


The “Barbie: Be Anything Tour” is a tour geared toward little girls discovering the career field they would like to be in when they grow up! They had lots of interactive games and activities for the girls, and they even had superstar fashion designer Chasity Sereal there for a Q&A about entrepreneurship and motherhood!


They also had a toy area for the girls to test out old and new toys.


Riley’s favorite area was the showcasing of all of the Barbies from the past 60 years! For some reason, she was soooo amazed by all the different Barbies in the different outfits.


My favorite attraction was inside the tent when they asked the children what they wanted to be when they grow up, and added it to the jumbotron.


Did you go to the Barbie: Be Anything Tour in your area?! How did you like it?


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