Events: Why The Frozen Courage Daiquiri Bar is the place to be every Friday night!

I recently had the chance to experience a “Silent Trap Party” at The Frozen Courage Daiquiri Bar, and when I tell you I had the time of my life…


When I first arrived, I was surprised to see how clean and well-kept the facility was. Prior to this daiquiri bar, I’ve been to about 3 others in Houston, but the others didn’t compare.

Y’all know I’m in the architecture/interior design field right?! So, I ALWAYS pay attention to furniture. The whole vibe was dope! They had some urban art of some famous rappers, stylish furniture, and even a quotes posted on the wall!


When I eventually went to order a drink, I was overwhelmed …

Yooo… there are sooo many options to choose from.

After 30 seconds of hard deliberation, I ended up getting the “Sex on the Street”; a mix of strawberry and peach.


And it was fire!!

Once we were settled with out headphones, the fun began.

So for those of you who have never been to a ‘Silent Trap Party’, let me put you on some game.

Someone at the door will hand you a pair of high def headphones. Once you put them on, you can choose between three different stations to listen to. The three different stations are three different dj’s with three completely different mixes! It was sooo dope!

Have you ever been in the club/bar dancing your life away, and then the DJ plays a song that you absolutely hate?

Well, if you were at the silent party and this happen, you would just turn to another dj station and continue with your night!

If you haven’t heard about “The Silent Trap Party” by The Frozen Courage Daiquiri Bar, you need to go!

And if you haven’t hear about The Frozen Courage Daiquiri Bar, here is a little background information about them!


We are Frozen Courage, a minority and veteran-owned frozen daiquiri bar on the north side of Houston. We provide frozen daiquiris, full-service bar, and a chill environment to unwind from life’s daily stresses. It matters because we understand the need to take your mind off of the everyday burdens of life while meeting like-minded individuals when enjoying a refreshing frozen daiquiri.
– James Stratton

Check out their Facebook page HERE for the schedule!

Have you been to The Frozen Courage Daiquiri Bar? What is your favorite daiquiri?

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