Events: The Importance of God Mother Duties

My best friend Kendall is a saint.

Which is also funny because she is a Saints fan! (Go Colts! Lol.)

She’s not perfect, but she was always that person that had the ‘motherly intuition’.

Even in college, this girl would cook full course meals AND even bring lunch up to our architecture studio when we would have long days.

So when I found out she was pregnant, I was ecstatic! I knew for a fact that she would be an excellent mother!

It has been a long nine months, but today is the day!

My god-son is here!!

A letter to Kendall:


Adonis couldn’t ask for a better mom. You are sweet, nurturing, and a beautiful inside and out. I cannot wait to tell him about all the silly things we use to do while in college and even our traveling adventures. You have a great support system, and a even better relationship with God; and I love that! Continue to be yourself as you begin on this new journey called motherhood.

I love you.

Riley loves you.

And now Adonis loves you even more.

Ya bestie,



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