FREEBIE FRIDAY VOLUME 5: Over 200 Creative Blog Post Ideas

Hey my loves!

It has come to my attention that many of you think that I have my life together.

I don’t.

Not even a little bit…Lol.

Most of the time, I know what I want to write about, but every now and then I’ll have to google some cool idea or DIY project.

So I decided that I didn’t want you all to go through what I go through.

Here are over 200 blog post ideas!

Let me know which one is your favorite!


Events this weekend/weekend plans- my favorite

Make a post about future plans
Customer showcase post
Create a list of important dates in your niche history
Run a month of giveaways
Post a shout out to your followers
List the things you want to do before…
Write the ultimate list on…
Develop a profile on an influential figure
Describe your own everyday routine
Create a post based on a rhetorical question
Write a response to an attack as a post
Write a ‘what if’ post
Niche related best of the web post
Case study post
Showcase yourself showing off your personal stuff/cars/house
Bust a myth post
Use a project as a showcase post
Create an ‘ultimate guide’ type of post
Create a blog post about most common bad habits
Expected income report post
Tell your readers what to do to succeed
Write a product update post
Create a survey post
Tell about your latest event experiences
Summarize someone else’s achievements in a post
Ask a question post
Write a common mistakes list done in your niche
Share company updates as posts
Invite your readers to a conference or a webinar using a blog post
Gather the best comments on your blog
Write about how and why you started blogging
Use your posts to build your portfolio
Write a satirical blog post
Write a niche history post
Create a parody post
Create a list of online tools you find useful
Create a post asking your readers to share the posts they like
Expose a blatant lie
Ask your readers for feedback on your blog on a post
Share recent travel experiences
Use your blog to promote your book/course
Write about the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life
Write inspirational posts

Develop a quiz-test
Publish a list of your most successful social media posts based on engagement
Showcase your employees.
Create posts ending with a cliff-hanger
Share a useful worksheet related to your niche
Create a key point list from a recent webinar
Create themed post series
Share industry related instructions or recipes
Write an inspirational post
Share funny/joke posts
Gather your best blog posts and give it away as a free ebook
Create a blog carnival and invite others to join
Create a post about your most popular posts
Write a freebie post
Write an article about the pros and cons of a product or service
Create an industry related glossary
Run a poll on your blog
Update your most popular posts with new information
Voice your opinion on a popular debate topic
Write an open letter
Create a list with the best apps in your niche
Write a post from a ‘what if’ perspective
Run a guest post pitch contest
Write holydays related post
Write seasonal post
Write a featured expert post
Ask a relevant personality in your industry to write a post for you
Create a post sharing you business goals
Create a post sharing your personal goals
Record a Skype call and transcribe it
Compile a list of industry related jokes
Review the latest industry related news
Create a presentation post
Recent research discoveries post
Blog about marketing secrets
Write a post in response to some recent news
Write a behind the scenes post
Thank your readers for following you post
Publish a manifesto
Best of niche post
Do a video post about your day
Engage in reciprocal guest blogging

Publish your designs
Create a list of free resources
Use your blog’s income and traffic numbers as a case study for your readers
Create a cartoon post
Use your monthly budget as an example for a post
Write about a frequent issue post
Record yourself and publish the audio as a post
Write a FAQ post
Criticize a website or blog design or a person
Criticize a person styling
Post a quote a day/week
Write a longer about me post
Write a blog post about x blog post ideas in your niche
Product tips post
Create a post that utilizes a bar chart or pie chart
Write down an extremely long blog case study
Publish a post about your success and epic failures
Film yourself and use the video
Write several blog posts as a series
Use your blog post to share coupon codes
Write a post about things you regret you didn’t do
Write a post about things you regret you did
Publish your CV
Write a pick of the week post
Use a personal secret as inspiration for a post
Create and A/B comparison post
Create a tutorial showing your readers how to keep their blogs secure
Create a post about blogs in your niche and how they have changed over the years using web archive
Create a stats list relevant to your niche
Teach your readers how to do something fast
Let your readers know who to follow on twitter
Write about trend topics
Use your personal achievements as inspiration for a post
Use your career achievements as inspiration for a post
Make a post using only pictures
Create a post about your next free webinar
Write about your thoughts today
Make comprehensive guide post type
Be a clairvoyant and predict the future post
Invite your readers to take action post
Create a controversial post
Interview niche relevant individuals
Write about your plans for the holidays



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