Events: The Be Bold Women’s Empowerment Brunch at The Houston Junior League

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting with the beautiful ladies of iTHRIVE, a mentoring program geared toward young girls between 12-18 here in Houston, Texas.

Juanae Johnson, founder, of iTHRIVE, has dedicated her career to her community and the safety and well being of victims of sexual abuse.
She quickly realized overwhelming cases of sex abuse victims who were forced, coerced and manipulated, into a lifestyle of human trafficking, teen drug abuse, and contemplation of suicide.
After many years of research and development, she decided that victims not only needed victim services, but also a place that will teach and encourage them to utilize their trauma, to not only flourish, but to build wealth.
62082368_2237047236363212_3487911961482493952_n (1).jpg
By teaching the gift of entrepreneurship, you are giving the gift of power, power to defy the odds, power to take back the sting of abuse and poverty, the power to control your future.
Juanae is the epitome of a phenomenal woman. She has dedicated her life to the empowerment and futures of young girls. Since she has started iTHRIVE, she had fed over 500 girls, and have over 40 girls in the program.
This organization has given back to the community on a unknown level with supplies, food, and even scholarship.
This brunch was an empowerment series with special guest Kathy Griffin. Kathy spoke on “being yourself and owning your truth”. Her remarkable story about previously being on drugs and overcoming prostitution truly inspired everyone in the room! Her genuineness and honesty made her fearless and powerful!
Also at the brunch was scholarship winner Destiny Johnson. She read her scholarship winning speech, and received her $250 college scholarship; but it didn’t stop there. Destiny also received a internship offer from an engineer in the audience as well as $500, for a total of $750.00!
The women of iTHRIVE are doing great things, and they will be one of the leading empowerment non-profit organizations in the world.
To learn more about iTHRIVE, and to see how you can be apart, click this link to their website.

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