Events: The Heels and Hustle ‘Collabs and Conversations’ Networking Event

Heels and Hustle ” is a platform created so women entrepreneurs can connect with one another, network, succeed, and thrive in a business world.
H&H gives you the tools and network to realize your vision, map out your business plan, and review your mark.

On May 30, Heels and Hustle hosted a Collab and Conversation series that emphasizes women in business! This event included the creator of Heels and Hustle Houston, Niecy Walls. She was accompanied by a panel of black women in law, healthcare, and business answering questions and discussing the difficulties in these various fields.

Heels and Hustle has dozens of events each year in order to promote women in entrepreneurship! This is a great platform for anyone in Houston looking to network, collaborate with others in the business field, and have a good time!

If you haven’t heard about Heels and Hustle Houston, click here for more details!


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