Foodie: Cooking Chronicles Of a Hangry Black Woman – Kale Edition

I love Kale.

Well, let’s face it…I’m the 10% of humans who actually enjoy salad.

And not because of any nutritional values.

I mean, that’s what I’m supposed to say, but in all actuality, I just really like the way it tastes.

But you wanna to know a secret?

I hate cooking. I know there isn’t much cooking that goes into a salad, but there is a lot of preparation, and I hate that too.

I do it because I have a family, and I tired of spending millions of dollars on food.

Now, do you wanna know what I love?

Plating the food…

I know! Isn’t that so weird? I wish I had someone who could come over a cook every day, so I can plate it how I want it.

I’ve always been really big on presentation.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk. In the ‘Cooking Chronicles of a Hangly Black’ portion of my blog, I will be sharing some of my food tips, quick (and I mean quick) recipes, and food photos (because I love plating remember?) while on this new CLEAN life.



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