Events: VIP Experience at Candytopia Houston

Houston! Candytopia’s whimsical workshop of toothsome delights 🍭 is now open in Space City 🚀!

64205580_2236661273217992_2963956475703066624_n (1).jpg

Wait, you’ve never heard of Candytopia? Oh lawwwd!

Candytopia is a exciting interactive art museum made up of only one ingredient…yup you guessed it, CANDY!


My first experience was at the VIP Experience on 6/13, one day before the attraction actually opened, and when I tell you we had the time of our lives…



The Time.

Of our lives!


It was 6 different rooms of greatness with an interactive app that allows your to scan a QR code, take photos, and the photos will be sent to your email!

They also had TONS of candy in each room; along with drinks and hors d’Oeuvres!


I am not a huge candy fan at all, but after this event I may have to reconsider somethings! I cannot wait to take Riley next month! I know she will have a great time…and she really does love candy.

More photos coming soon!!



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