Parenthood: Our First Year of Blogging

I t’s sooo crazy that I’ve been on this awesome journey for one year now!

Just yesterday, I was losing sleep over my logo.

Yes, it’s that serious.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this awesome and eventful journey!

This blog was built on the backs of some of the most emotional and hardest times of my life.

I started this blog to help other moms. To those moms who needed to see that they weren’t alone in this motherhood journey.

To show that it’s okay to coupon, try to over prepare, and even take yourself out!

This started as a therapeutic platform that eventually grew into a small (but becoming large) platform!

Thank you all.

We love you all.

And we hope you will join us for another year of laughter, partnerships, and love.

Love you long time.


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