Events: Why Goat Yoga Katy is the New Rave of the 21 century




Omg, yes GOAT YOGA! And we had the time of our lives!

For those of you who know me, you know that I love yoga! So I decided to challenge myself by doing a different type of yoga!

And it was so worth it!

First off, if you haven’t been around goats before, just know that they are super sweet. I’ve met a goat or two in my day, but I’ve never interacted with them on this level.

For the most part they usually just walk around minding their own business, until you get on all fours.


Then they jump on your back and give you goat massage that you will only feel when you wake up the next day.


It felt great, the class was great, and the instructor was awesome!


Tiffani is down-to-earth, very sweet, and extremely personable!

And although this was a beginners yoga class, she makes sure that when everyone leaves, you are feeling the burn!


Which is what you want, right?

Goat Yoga is the perfect mix of fun and flexibility. This class challenges you as a person, and also as an animal lover. The grounds are absolutely stunning, soothing, and sacred. There is literally no other place to do Goat Yoga, other than with Tiffani at Goat Yoga Katy.


Check their website out here, and enroll in a class soon. You may even be lucky enough to have mimosas after your class!


Have you ever been to a Goat Yoga class? How was your experience?


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