Events: Brunch and PositiviTEA at Esther’s Cajuan Cafe

This past weekend, I had the chance to be apart of one of the most influential brunches I’ve been to in a long time! Jonaé Nichole is the epitome of a phenomenal woman and is the creative designer behind the vision.

Check out her story.

Jonaé Nicole is a native Houstonian who was born the 2nd child of 5. She graduated from Barbara Jordan High School Careers in the top 25 percent of her class as a class officer & a IMG_2786.jpgmember of the National Honor Society. Her passion for helping others lead her to pursue her Bachelors in Nursing at Lamar University, but she switched her path to complete her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology, minoring in Psychology, at Texas Southern University. Jonaé worked for Harris County as a Rehab Clinician serving pre-trial defendants with mental health disorders for almost 3 years until she became pregnant with her first child.

IMG_5053.JPG She was laid off due to an extended maternity leave and decided to pursue her dreams in building an empire based on women’s empowerment and spreading positivity. Everything started with her women’s empowerment t-shirt line B.E. Shirts, which encourages women to “Be Elevated. Be Empowered. Be Everything.”.

From there, Jonaé decided to to extend her repertoire into women’s empowerment events, which birthed the concept for “Brunch And PositiviTea”.  This event was a brunch with an open forum “Queen Talk” discussion where every woman was free to give their input on topics relevant to every millennial woman. It was an event that also created a safe and positive space for women to laugh, cry, and express themselves while also making amazing business connections. Jonaé shows no signs of stopping as she is already planning for her next big event, continuing to pursue B.E. Shirts, and is also working on some new projects that are sure to leave great marks on her path of making a positive difference in the world.


This event was epic, inspirational, and educational to say the least. Women at this event ranged from ages 18-55, but we all had one thing in common; we’ve all overcame pain. We’ve all been through our fair share of trauma, BUT we also bounced back as the strong women we are!


It was truly a beautiful thing to women from all walks of life being upfront, honest, and vulnerable about their struggles! This is the first time that I’ve experience anything like this, and I can guarantee Jonaé has some serious favor over her life.


Check her out here on Instagram for more information about her next event!


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